TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew's Congress showdown: Five takeaways

Tech executives don't get an easy ride before Congress, but Shou Zi Chew's hearing was exceptionally bruising.

Gordon Moore, Intel co-founder and creator of Moore's Law, dies aged 94

Mr Moore famously predicted that computer processing power would double every two years.

Do Kwon: Fugitive 'cryptocrash' boss arrested in Montenegro

Terraform Labs' Do Kwon has also been charged with fraud by US prosecutors.

Utah is first US state to limit teen social media access

One of the bills will give parents full access to their children's online private messages.

ChatGPT bug leaked users' conversation histories

Social media users had shared images of chat histories with AI conversations they said were not theirs.

Could the US government actually block people from accessing TikTok altogether?

The US government is threatening to ban TikTok - how would that work?

Bill Gates: AI is most important tech advance in decades

The former Microsoft boss says AI is the second revolutionary technology he's seen in his lifetime.

Bard: Google's rival to ChatGPT launches for over-18s

The tech giant is rolling out its new AI chatbot, called Bard, to users in the US and UK first.

Sidemen manager: 'I cut out alcohol to succeed'

Jordan Schwarzenberger talks about his attitude to alcohol in the workplace for our CEO Secrets series.

Hungary official takes on German MEP in AI 'rap battle'

It's fair to say neither man's effort is likely to dominate the streaming charts.

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