News hackers increase attacks on customers

Researchers say cyber-criminals are offering big sums for hotels' log-in details to target holidaymakers.

Amazon, Google and other tech giants pledge action on fraud

Companies commit to working with the government to tackle online scams, fake adverts and romance fraud.

Inactive Google accounts to be deleted from Friday

The tech giant will start deleting accounts that are not being used.

OpenAI chaos not about AI safety, says Microsoft boss

Microsoft's president says the sacking of OpenAI boss Sam Altman was not because of AI safety worries.

Elon Musk launches profane attack on X advertisers

The billionaire accuses firms of trying to blackmail him with ad dollars, claiming they will kill X.

Every Bitcoin payment 'uses a swimming pool of water'

As billions face water shortages, a new study warns of the cryptocurrency's thirst for water.

Cristiano Ronaldo faces $1bn lawsuit over Binance ads

US class action lawsuit seeks huge damages for his promotion of the world's largest crypto exchange.

London travel: Uber launches black cab sign-ups

The Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association says joining with Uber would be "sullying" the taxi trade.

Molly Russell: Tech firms still failing after teenager's death, says father

Molly Russell's father says 'little has changed' six years after 14-year-old took her own life.

Anger as some Google cloud customers locked out of files

Google is investigating reports that some users of its Drive service cannot access recent files.

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